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Briggs & Stratton DOV (Direct Overhead Valve) Engine
There has been a lot of confusion in the Lawn Mower industry lately. Consumers have been getting engine cc, engine power / torque, and engine reliability mixed up.
Until recently, most lawn mower engines have been designed using Side Valve technology. Side valve engines have very simple and cost efficient manufacturing principles and are a great power source for the average lawn mower. With the growing focus on more environmentally friendly engines, Briggs & Stratton have designed a new Direct Overhead Valve Engine. This engine is more fuel efficient, runs cooler & cleaner and has lower vibration levels and noise characteristics than previous engine designs.
The 161cc DOV is the most advanced engine that has hit the lawn mower market in years, it truly is Performance driven by Technology. The Direct Overhead Valve (DOV) engine uses a lever system to acuate the valves, resulting in more efficient use of the fuel source. Lower engine running temperatures also mean lower oil consumption. Briggs & Stratton haven’t stopped there though. They have designed an automotive style piston with chrome plated rings for increased life and durability. Due to innovative valve train design the DOV engine has 60% less high frequency noise.
In Australia’s harsh climatic conditions (due the extended dry spells – lots of airborne dust), we find one of the biggest killers of lawn mower engines is dirt entering the engine. To safe guard against this, Briggs & Stratton have fitted a large, premium cartridge style air filter with a dual lip design. This important design feature enhances the air quality reaching the engine and, when serviced correctly, enables the engine to survive in the harshest mowing conditions.
Correct procedure for starting an engine has always been an issue for inexperienced operators. To fix this issue Briggs & Stratton has produced “Ready Start.” There is no need to activate a choke or prime an engine. All you need to do is put the throttle on to FULL and pull the starter handle. The Ready Start system automatically senses the temperature of the engine and applies the correct amount of choke according to the engine’s requirements.
Briggs & Stratton has changed the way engines are rated. When buying a new lawn mower, the correct measure of the engine’s ability to cut grass is “Torque” and is measured in foot pounds. Torque is best described as a twisting motion, such as tightening a bolt using a spanner. On Briggs & Stratton engines, the torque rating is identified in the ‘Series’ number on the engine label. For example, an engine label which has ‘750 Series’ would be read as the engine having 7.50 foot pounds of torque, and an engine label which has ‘500 Series’would be read as the engine having 5.00 foot pounds of torque.
So, when you are buying your next Lawn Mower, look for the “DOV” label on the front of the engine and the Series Number on the cowl instead of the CC of the engine. This way you will be guaranteed to end up with a correctly sized engine that has the latest technological advances to make lawn care easier.